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EU Mobility Package

The recently introduced EU Mobility Package is a new initiative to help to improve a range of Transport related issues including Driver welfare. The individual elements of the ‘Package’ are wide ranging and can be found in full on the EC website or in other summarised forms
- Simply search for ‘ EU Mobility Package’ in your web browser.
The effects of these new regulations will substantially increase costs due to the following reasons.
Minimum Wage Laws have become mandatory for all European Countries- if an EU Transport Company driver works in another EU Country the equivalent minimum wage requirements will apply).

Drivers will now be required to return to their home country every 4 weeks for a minimum of 4 days.

The weekly rest period cannot be taken in the Truck and suitable accommodation must be provided for the driver.

Trucks are required to be returned to the Operators registered home base every 8 weeks.
We estimate that this will increase each vehicles costs by more than  25 per cent, and while these additional costs do not affect every vehicle that we operate, it is without doubt that the additional costs will affect all of us involved in European road transport.

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