Terms and Condition
We have pleasure in advising our Standard Conditions of Trading for your information.

The conditions under which we carry goods on your behalf are as follows:
UK Haulage: Terms equivalent to the Road Haulage Association 2020 Conditions of Carriage.
European Road Trailer Movements: Subject to the conditions of our suppliers, goods will be carried under the CMR Convention (The Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road 1956) or BIFA 2021 as applicable.
European Container Movements: Subject to the conditions of our suppliers Goods will be carried under the British International Freight Association (BIFA) Standard Trading Conditions 2021.
Warehousing: Where we enter into a contract for the warehousing of goods which does not form part of an onward international movement, the goods will be held subject to the United Kingdom Warehouse Association conditions of contract.
Customs Declarations: The Customer shall be deemed to be bound by and warrant the accuracy of all descriptions, values and other particulars furnished to the company for Customs, Consular and other purposes. By making a declaration to HMRC the information supplied by the Customer to us is deemed fit and proper and the responsibility for the accuracy of such information lies with the Customer.

We understand that Sealane Freight Ltd reserve the right to withdraw credit facilities at any time, and in the event of failure to pay accounts by the end of the month shall render all unpaid accounts immediately payable and due. 

All of the above conditions have limitations, therefore we strongly recommend Marine / All Risk Insurance be effected for all consignments being carried whilst at your risk we would be pleased to quote accordingly.

Reviewed & revised February 2024.
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