Case Studies
Global Medical Appliance manufacturers

Our client has extensive UK manufacturing facilities in the UK, complimenting their manufacturing in the Americas and Asia, importing into the UK for assembly, and exporting Europe-wide. We have a substantial stock of palletised stored at any one time and we provide stock control, stock rotation with the outbound control of both export and domestic deliveries, and imported goods required on a just-in time basis for the manufacturing process.

Lifts and Materials Handling

Our client is a major Scandinavian lift and materials handling manufacturer. Sealane provide import services from Scandinavia, bringing in full trailer loads consisting of 3 to 5 individual consignments.We are responsible for UK storage at the port of arrival. Onward UK distribution involves delivering direct to building sites for a timed and dated delivery with a specialised off loading vehicle. We provide a detailed breakdown of costs per delivery to each site or project.

Entry Systems

Our client is the largest European manufacturer of complex doors and controlled entry systems. Each consignment is a mixture of fittings - mechanisms and extremely fragile elements, which combine to produce both architecural and secure entry systems. Sealane are responsible for the transport, importation and storage and ultimately for a timed delivery on to the building site, on specialised off-loading equipment.

Building Products Manufacturer

Large UK based building materials manufacturer with substantial exports in to builders merchants around Europe. Sealane receives a production and delivery schedule and we plan to load trailers daily, with a combination of 1- 6 deliveries per trailer to meet a strict delivery criteria for specific building related projects.

Food Ingredients Manufacturer

Large food ingredients manufacturer in the Netherlands, shipping 40-50 consignments per week in to the food manufacturing industry in the UK. Sealane trailers are loaded on a daily basis with consignments ranging from 1 pallet upwards, with trailers brought back to the Sealane UK depot for next day delivery timed bookings to the UK food manufacturers. Always ‘Just in Time’ deliveries into some of the UK’s major ready meal producers, and food manufacturers.