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Environmental Sustainability Programme
Covid, Brexit and Energy have dominated much of the recent cost increases in the European Transport industry over the past few years, but as some of these issues are now fading away, the new factor that will take over as the pre- eminent cost drivers in the European Transport Industry will be Environmental and Sustainability combined with Energy.
Sealane have initiated a Sustainability programme in order to measure the Carbon footprint for the goods that we transport to ensure that we
have a meaningful and accurate measure. We are currently involved in some exhaustive testing of data in order to ensure that we are in a position
to provide this information to our clients within the next few months. Once we have achieved a robust method of reporting, we intend to set targets
and work with our clients towards progressive reductions. 
Meanwhile- the Cross Channel Ferry operators- are in the process of announcing an ETS Fuel Surcharge to apply as from January 2024.
The EU have a goal of zero emissions by 2050 and one of the consequences of this will be the introduction of the Emissions Trading System Fuel Surcharge on Ferry crossings. We understand this will help to both investment in clean technology and will also be used to start offsetting the Ferry operators own carbon footprint.

We hope to be able to quantify the likely financial impact in late September 2023.
The whole environment issue is obviously a complex one and very much coming into focus at the present time in the Transport industry.It is our opinion that this will be the most significant consideration for years to come. 
If our clients require any further information from us we would be pleased to discuss our findings.
Alan Coffey