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Calais violence continues as RHA car attacked
Chief executive of the Road Haulage Association, Richard Burnett, has expressed his concern for drivers in Calais after further attacks from migrants. A member of the RHA had a boulder thrown at his car at the port, days after a night of violence at the jungle camp in Calais during which a truck driver was threatened with a chainsaw.
Burnett said: “Thankfully, although very shaken, our man was unhurt. However, we are now entering the peak holiday season when families, as well as hauliers, rely on this key route between the UK and the rest of Europe. Had this been a car with a family on board, probably with children in the back seats, they would have been killed.
"I am dismayed that the escalation of these migrant attacks remains so far down the news agenda. Since last summer we have been pleading for more security to be put in place at Calais. We have even asked for deployment of the French military, particularly on the approach roads. Yet UK-bound drivers now run the risk of attacks every time they approach the port – day and night."